5 Pigmentation Flaws Easily Remedied With IPL Therapy

Skin blemishes are very common, and people of all ages can be affected by them. You’re probably tired of searching for an over-the-counter solution that will actually get rid of your skin condition.  

But you might not be familiar with Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy and what it can do for many skin imperfections. It’s similar to laser treatments but focuses on multiple layers of skin.

If you want to treat your blemishes, the team at Peach Medical Group has the skills and experience to help remove those flaws from your skin. They use Optima™ IPL Photo-rejuvenation, a clinically proven method for ridding your skin of age spots and acne.

5 skin conditions you can treat with IPL therapy

Here are just five of the skin conditions that Optima™ IPL Photo-rejuvenation can help remedy:

Age spots

These small spots start showing up as you reach your 50s and are usually caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. They often vary in size and appear where sunlight is most likely to hit you, such as on the face, shoulders, arms, and hands. They can affect people of all skin tones and are usually not cancerous, despite their appearance.

Varicose veins

These veins show up on the skin as a result of being enlarged and swollen, and they are often either blue or dark purple. Varicose veins affect more than 23% of all adults. Their appearance is due to poor blood circulation, and this can cause aching and swelling.


Acne is the result of oil, bacteria, and dead cell buildup in your hair follicles. Aside from being embarrassing, severe acne can cause scarring. It’s extremely common, as it affects 3 out of 4 people between the ages of 11 and 30


This condition causes redness on your skin and is often mistaken for acne. Some people with rosacea also experience dry, irritated, and swollen eyes. It can be caused by hereditary and environmental factors as well as cosmetic products, temperature extremes, and some alcoholic drinks. 


An excess of melanin (the chemical that produces skin pigment) can create hyperpigmentation. Many skin conditions, like age spots, are milder forms of hyperpigmentation, but this form can cover much larger areas of skin. It can happen as a result of pregnancy or taking birth control pills during pregnancy, and overexposure to the sun can further darken areas that are already affected.

Take charge of your skin

With IPL therapy, you can break up the sun damage and visibly improve all of these skin conditions. You will see results in minimal time with a treatment that’s backed by 20 years of amazing results.

It might only take two treatments, but the number of appointments needed for optimal results will vary depending on the skin condition you are dealing with.

So if you’re ready for blemish-free skin, call to make an appointment with Peach Medical Group or book an appointment online to find out what IPL therapy can do for you.

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