Botched Filler

Botched Filler

In Spanish, we have a saying, it goes “lo barato sale caro” - so bear with us while we explain. 

This morning FOX News reported that several women in the Maricopa county area had severe complications due to filler that was administered in a HOME by an unknown woman! Yes, you read that right, a HOME! The women have explained to their emergency room doctors and the authorities that they were compelled to see this stranger because of the low cost of the lip filler she was promoting (original story: 

This brings us back to: lo barato sale caro. That means: cheap lip filler is not really that cheap (not an exact translation but the most relevant)! 

Cheap filler raises many red flags in itself. Then you throw in the non-sterile environment. And you top that off with an unknown woman whose certifications are also a mystery. That’s one expensive “cheap” lip filler! 

We aren’t sharing this gruesome story with you all to promote our business; we are sharing these tragic stories to educate you. So let’s get into it! 

  1. How do I know that the staff is qualified? Easy, look them up! A simple internet search using the provider’s name will show you whether or not they are licensed and where! Can’t find them? Don’t trust them! You can also ensure they are in an established, legal practice by checking their business license!
  2. Can estheticians inject? NO! Estheticians are masters in their art of SUPERFICIAL SKIN TREATMENTS! There is a significant difference in the anatomical and physiological education received by an esthetician and a Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or Registered Nurse. If a complication were to arise like a severe allergic reaction or a vascular complication, would you rather be in the care of a Doctor/NP/RN OR an esthetician? 
  3. I have a limited budget, I’m looking for cheap filler! If finances are an issue, Medical Aesthetic Practices typically take CareCredit and offer 6-12 months at 0% financing. Don’t have credit? Search for in-house financing that doesn’t require credit. Yes, you end up paying a bit in fees, but you can count on the quality of the work being done by licensed professionals! 

The truth is, if the deal sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is! These type of health complications from bad filler cost thousands in the emergency room. Don’t fall victim to these predators! 


Fernanda Zavala

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