Botox Cosmetic

How to prepare. 

#1 - Avoid any blood thinning medications or substances, including alcohol. 

#2 - Communicate to your provider if needles make you anxious or if you have had allergic reactions in the past. 

#3 - Come to your appointment without makeup if possible. 

Things to consider

#1 - 53% of patients experience pain and some bruising. It’s a needle piercing the skin, therefore bruising is inherent in the process. 

#2 - About 20% of patients will not achieve the results they are looking for. This has been shown in extensive evidence submitted to the FDA. 

#3 - Any form of heat will break down your Botox. Avoid lasers and excessive heat to the treated areas for 2 weeks. 


#4 - 30 days after your initial treatment, your Botox Cosmetic will start to wear off slowly. By day 90, most of the treatment will have worn off.  

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