Chemical Peels

How to prepare. 

#1 - Drink lots of water! Hydration helps keep your skin plump and elastic. 

#2 - Communicate to your provider if you are on antibiotics, accutane, or have used harsh skin care products recently. 

#3 - Come to your appointment without makeup if possible. 

Things to consider

#1 - Chemical peels are really good at breaking down dark spots and blemishes that are superficial. 

#2 -  Dark spots and sun damage that is deep in the skin will not see ideal results. Deep sun damage requires your body to push up the sun damage to the superficial level, where we can then treat it. This process can take 6-8 months. 

#3 - Any progress in sun damage improvement can be reversed if you do not practice sun blocking behaviors. Therefore, protect yourself from the sun.

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