Defeating Dark Circles


Fifty shades of dark around your tressed blinkers? Sadly, adulting is when dark eye circles get bigger than friend circles. Slumber in adulthood is a gift that just doesn’t keep on giving. Even though hangovers can cause the panda syndrome, screaming bosses certainly don’t help. Are you in an eternal wrangle with the “dark” enemy?

Time to pick up some hacks from professionals!



#1: Tailored Root & Solutions

First things first: Don’t shoot blanks with extravagant creams! Understanding the root of your bane is the first step for effective treatment, and sleep deprivation may not be the only factor.

Unravel and solve your own mystery below!


#3: Age

Aging is definitely no fun. It comes with a dreary combination of eye strain and skin-thinning, resulting in visible blood vessels. Such can be perceived as darkened eyes.

Your Hack:
Platelet-rich-plasma micro-needling can help to stimulate healing and fortify thinning skin around the eyes. The procedure reduces blood vessels’ visibility, regulates collagen production, and evens out hyperpigmentation.


#4: Sun Exposure

Talk about the opposite of Trump’s eye circles! Sun exposure is a primary cause of hyperpigmentation surrounding your eyes. Sun exposure damages skin which can result in a melanin overdrive. 

Your Hack:
Sunscreen your lashline and eyelids daily. Though not a guaranteed solution, it’s a weapon worth investing in for your skin health.


#5: Genetics

Eye circles are definitely a pair of hand-me-downs you don’t want to inherit. London physician Dr. Uche Aniagwu explains that darkened skin can be caused by irregular patterns such as melasma. The condition can be hereditary or a result of pregnancy.

Your Hack:
A regimen of cosmetic serums and creams can promote the lightening of your eye area. Dr. Aniagwu recommends ingredients such as vitamin C and retinol. Some safe-around-the-eyes products include Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum, and Farmacy XCheer Up Brightening Eye Cream. Blot on some high-quality sunscreen daily too.


#6: Allergies

The season of sneezes is here. Inflammation and sinus infections can be an eye-darkening factor. Even if you have a mild allergy you never realized.

Your Hack:
Treat allergies and dark circles should ease up. Check with your doctor if corticosteroid sprays and antihistamines can help.


Remember, good habits can go a long way in reducing dark, puffy eye circles. So get some good rest & and try out one of these hacks!



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