"I got laser tattoo removal and this was my experience."

The newest addition to Peach Skin & Laser is the Lumenis PIQO4. In typical Peach fashion, we held a clinical training session to ensure safety and optimal results. I volunteered to be a model because I have a tattoo on my foot that I have been wanting to get rid of for many years.

I was very nervous going into it because I was worried about the pain, and I have to be frank, the treatment was quite uncomfortable. The feeling is very challenging to describe. Imagine the feeling of being slapped with a wet hand and said slap lasting 15-20 seconds. The silver lining? The treatment time is short due to the large spot size of the PIQO4 laser.

What happens when you zap the tattoo?

When the laser hits your tattoo, your skin will frost immediately, which is the clinical endpoint that we are trying to obtain. This means the energy delivered to the ink has been successful because the ink is now a small enough size for the body to metabolize.

The Facts 

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