January and February Member Deals

Promotions for Peach Members & New Patients:

The following promotional pricing is available to our active members and new patients. 

Want to become a Peach Member?

An annual payment of $59.99 gives you access to reduced pricing, member-only packages, payment plans, flexible scheduling, and rewards. You can purchase the Peach Membership through the phone or on the day of your appointment. 

About These Deals: 

We created these bundle packages with the intention of creating treatment plans that will help our patients reach their #skingoals depending on their skin concern. 

Promotional Pricing:

Smooth & Tone

  • 6 Laser Hair Removal Sessions on 1 Area
  • 1 Body Sculpting Treatment - 60 Minutes
    • Price: $374


Wrinkle Package #1

  • 20 Units of Newtox
    • Price: $169

Wrinkle Package #2

  • 26 Units of Newtox
  • Chemical Peel Treatment 
    • Price $219

Wrinkle Package #3

  • 40 Units of Newtox
  • Plasma Pen Treatment - Small Area
    • Price $338

Dark Spot Eraser

  • 2 IPL Photofacials
  • 2 PCA Chemical Peels
    • Price: $450

Peel Back The Years

  • 2 Microneedling Treatments
  • 2 PCA Chemical Peels
    • Price: $678

Delete The Ink

  • 3 Sessions on Small Tattoo > $432
  • 3 Sessions on Medium Tattoo > $576
  • 3 Sessions on Large Tattoo > $720

* Tattoo Removal only Available in Tucson Location

* Promotions Expire 2/28/2022


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December 2021 Member Deals

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