Microneedling treatment with Radio Frequency

What is Radiofrequency?

What is Radiofrequency Microneedling Used For?

Benefits of Radiofrequency Microneedling:

Difference between Microneedling and Microneedling RF

  • Microneedling is a procedure that uses very fine sterile needles that penetrate the skin causing micro-wounds that stimulate wound healing. Normally, when doing a regular micro needling treatment, patients have the option to choose to add PRP or use Hyaluronic acid serum.
  • Microneedling RF combines microneedling with radiofrequency heat energy to amplify collagen and elastin production. Microneedles are inserted into the skin and heat is delivered between the needles to achieve this.
  • Note: PRP can be added to both treatments, as it nicely compliments these procedures.

Which treatment is better for acne?

  • Both microneedling and microneedling RF can be helpful for acne scarring by using a series of treatments.
  • The added RF can give synergistic effects, which often leads to fewer treatments than microneedling alone.
  • Note: We recommend not getting any microneedling treatment if you have active acne. This will prevent any infection and spread of bacteria. 

Stay tuned as Microneedling with RF is coming soon to Peach!


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