November 2021 Member Deals

Promotions for Peach Members & New Patients:

The following promotional pricing is available to our active members and new patients. However, only Peach Members can receive the free bonus treatments or kits included in the promotional deals. 

Want to become a Peach Member?

An annual payment of $59.99 gives you access to reduced pricing, member-only packages, payment plans, flexible scheduling, and rewards. You can purchase the Peach Membership through the phone or on the day of your appointment. 

Laser Hair Removal:

  • 1 Area - 3 pack - $160
  • 1 Area - 6 pack - $294

Lip Plump

Lip fillers use an injectable gel that temporarily adds more fullness and plumps thin lips—whether your lips have thinned over time or you simply want fuller lips.

  • Versa - $399 + tax per syringe

Botox Promotions

  • 20 Units of Botox - $169
  • 20 Units of Xeomin - $159
  • 20 Units of Newtox - $149

  • 40 Units of Botox - $338
  • 40 Units of Xeomin - $318
  • 40 Units of Newtox - $298

Body Sculpting

  • First Session - $75
  • Membership - $75 - $150 per month


  • 1 Treatment - $250
  • 2 Treatments + Kit = $400
  • With PRP = Add $99 per treatment

* Free Kits are only offered to Peach Members

PCA Chemical Peel

  • Chemical Peel + KIT - $109

* Chemical Peel Promotion Only available at Tucson and Yuma location

* Free Kits are only offered to Peach Members


* Promotions Expire 11/30/2021

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