Tattoo Removal: The Good, Bad & the Evil

tattoo removal

Young and stupid, everyone's been there! What was the worse decision you made then? For many, it’s that passé tramp stamp or an old sweetheart’s name. One in five adults own inks and one in five of those regret doing so. From impulsive sexy to repulsive trashy, it seems the mindset of “think before you ink” is long gone today. Dermatologists say that tattoo removal has gone mainstream but it's really much easier said than done.


The Huge Fine Print

Envisioning a miracle eraser that will reset your life? The process of tattoo removal comes with considerable risks. You should probably keep your expectations in check as below:


The Process of Removal

There are a couple of methods to erase your ink. The less common excision method is a one-time surgical process where tattoos are cut from the skin. It involves the use of a scalpel and some skin grafts. The more popular known choice today is still laser tattoo removal. Dermatologist Dr. Chad Hivnor describes laser treatment as breaking up a boulder with specific wavelengths that will be absorbed by each specific color. Indeed a tedious process, we now have the advancement of technology to thank. Today, PicoWay and PiQo4 are effective devices that harness picosecond technology at different wavelengths. They break the ink out of your collagen and have the capability to cut down treatment time by half.


Is it Worth It?

Impulse is quick but fixing bad decisions is always harder. It's now your turn to deliberate on your big erasing decision.


The Pros of Laser Removal:

The Cons of Laser Removal


Lowering Risks

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and the legality of who’s qualified for the job has always been shady. Expectedly, the risk is a considerable factor, and going to the wrong "guy" can result in excessive bleeding and damaged skin. Hence the debate between doctors and non-medical professionals on who's can provide better and safer treatments is neverending. But ultimately, tattoo removal is a medical procedure and Dr. Hivnor advises patients to go for professionals who have vast experience and are honest and upfront.


Still up for clearing your canvas? Who would you give a run for your money?

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