Xeomin®: Have You Heard of Her?

Xeomin & Botox Cosmetic Molecule

Botox has become such a common term for all neurotoxin treatments that we often forget there are other brands out there. Our focus will be on Xeomin today! 

While years younger than Botox (Xeomin was approved in 2012), Xeomin is a more purified form of Botox Cosmetic. It uses an identical active ingredient, but there's one main difference: Proteins. 

Think of Botox as an M&M, the protein is the hard candy shell and the chocolate, the core, is the neurotoxin that paralyzes the muscles and prevents creasing. Over time, the body creates antibodies that attack and protect the body from these proteins which leads to the ineffectiveness of Botox. Xeomin, on the other hand, is ONLY the M&M’s core! This significant difference means the body is no longer creating the antibodies that would eventually lead to ineffectiveness. 

How long does Xeomin last? 
Just like Botox, Xeomin lasts 90 days. 

How long until I see results with Xeomin?
In a blind study, both doctors and patients reported seeing results between 1 and 10 days after the medication was administered. 

How many units are necessary with Xeomin? 
The units are 100% equivalent. With Dysport, you could expect 3 times the number of units as Botox, with Xeomin, the units are 1:1. 

Want to try Xeomin and compare? 
Interested in trying Xeomin? Use the following $20 off voucher/code to get a discount on your next injection wrinkle treatment. 

Fernanda Zavala

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