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It’s never too late to achieve bouncy, bright, healthy-looking skin. Achieving a more even skin tone that is free from blemishes, dark spots, acne, and discoloration can be especially challenging as we get older. Aren’t you tired of over-the-counter products and treatments that take forever to work?

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Bouncy Clear Skin Can Now Be Yours



The solution is Optima™ IPL Photo-rejuvenation. A clinically proven photo-rejuvenation laser procedure, it targets and breaks up sun damage on the skin, fast. Say goodbye to skin imperfections and hello to bouncier skin because Optima™ IPL Photo-rejuvenation stimulates collagen and elastic fiber production as well. Rewind the clock in the time it takes for you to have lunch!

We guarantee you’ll love the results.*

Some benefits of undergoing the photo-rejuvenation treatment at Peach:

1. It’s so quick: Do it over lunch, with no downtime

2. Gentle and effective: Remove skin imperfections while stimulating collagen and elastic fiber production

3. Visible improvement: For pigmentation, age/sun-spots, broken capillaries, and overall skin appearance

4. Over 20 years of science and results

5. Medically supervised

6. Guaranteed results*

How does Optima™ IPL Photo-rejuvenation work?

Optima™ IPL Photo-rejuvenation is a clinically proven, FDA cleared, science-backed photorejuvenation laser procedure that targets sun damage, pigmentation and vascular imperfections while improving overall skin appearance. The patented technology enables your physician to safely customize the treatment to your skin type and desired results. Light pulses are guided to penetrate tissues to create heat, targeting imperfections in a controlled manner. Then your body’s natural processes can work to remove the treated tissue. The treatment stimulates collagen and elastic fiber as well, resulting in a visible improvement in your skin tone and overall appearance. Typically, 2-7 sessions with 2-4 weeks resting time in between are needed to achieve optimal results. Some skin concerns such as superficial pigmentation and age/sun spots can be resolved with as little as two treatments.

What should I expect at my appointment?

Our physicians are trained to ensure your utmost comfort. To begin, a cold coupling gel will be applied to the treatment area. You can expect each session to last 45-60 minutes, depending on your specific skin concerns. You might feel a warm sensation as the light is applied to your skin, but our gentle treatment should never make you feel uncomfortable. Some redness may occur immediately after treatment, which usually disappears within a few hours. In most cases, you can directly apply makeup, and daily activities may be resumed on the same day. You might want to stay out of the direct sun for a few days after treatment, and do remember to apply sunscreen as your skin will be particularly sensitive. That’s it! Blemish free skin that looks so much better can be yours in half an hour! Isn’t that crazy? Book now to see it for yourself.

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